How many sessions will I need?
Every clients history, needs and goals are different. The answer to this question is unique to you and the findings from the assessments we do. Following assessment, this will be explained in more detail to set your expectations and have a clearer view going forward.

During the session we will discuss how you are progressing since our last session and how you responded to treatment, then we will go through your new exercises and advice to be used as your new home/gym workout plan.

Each session you will be reassessed. We will discuss how you are progressing since our last session and how you responded to treatment and if your rehab or performance plan needs adjusting based on how you currently feel. If further investigations are needed, I will do my best to refer you to the appropriate professional.
How long are the sessions/appointments?
An initial consultation and assessment can last up to 75 minutes. This provides better value to my clients and for myself to do a thorough assessment and help from the very first session. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes. I don’t usually do sessions that are under 60 mins however this can be discussed if required.
Do you accept insurance?
No, I don’t work with insurance companies and therefore all sessions are to be paid in cash or via bacs.
Do you use machines in your clinic?
No machines are used, I work with your body and guide you through movement, strength & rehab exercises and do manual therapy and massage including cupping and IASTM if needed.
How do you prescribe exercises so that I remember them when I am at home or in the gym?
Clients have found it very beneficial and invaluable for me to record them using their phone at the end of the session performing the exercises so that they have the ‘homework’ to watch back. I also have an exercise library of videos of myself demonstrating the exercises and movements that I can send to you for reference when away from session.
What forms of payment do you accept?
I will expect you to pay for your session on the day or in advance. I accept payment via cash, cheque or bank transfer. Cancellation policy - Please see link for cancellation policy.


All Self paying fees listed below are for in person and virtual appointments.

Home visit assessment, treatment & rehab - £75 (depending on location, this may vary)

Herts Clinic @ Sopers house - £75 session

London clinic @ Spot Performance - £85 session

Video Consultation and virtual session (60 mins) - £75

Sports Massage, Deep tissue Massage, Myofascial cupping - £75 per hour

Please note that I am unable to give medical advice by phone or email without a full consultation.