Conditions treated

I offer a variety of services and treatments including injury, pain and movement assessment, rehabilitation, soft tissue massage, mobilisations, sports specific training and fitness conditioning.

I pride myself in sharing my knowledge and experience. I love learning to help my clients get better and stronger but most importantly, long lasting results. I achieve this by undertaking regular courses to update and improve my skills and keep up to date with current treatment styles as part of my continual professional development.

Conditions and symptoms I can help you with:

Sports injuries
Musculoskeletal Injuries
Joint pain, strains and aches
Muscle tears and strains
Back pain
Neck pain, headaches and whiplash
Ankle Sprains
Foot pain
Shoulder Injuries
Tennis and Golfers Elbow
Running Injuries
Improving Sporting Performance
Muscular Tightness
Post Operative Rehabilitation