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Therapybod specialises in ‘hands-on’ therapy providing treatment and advice following injury, surgery or gradual onset of pain and restriction.

Miles Mitchell-Coop of Therapybod is a Therapist who offers NeuroKinetic Therapy, movement assessment, hands on massage therapy, personal training and coaching, and personalised exercise programs to help his clients eliminate pain, create a pain and injury prevention plan, move better, and tackle all of their life goals. I also work on fitness and performance enhancement, to maximise individual goals, whether for sport, general fitness or overall improve mobility and wellbeing.

Sports Therapy

Miles possesses a calm, assiduous and conscientious attitude with a willingness to work closely with clients. He aims are to tailor treatment to optimise recovery in order to prevent future injury and maximise ability to function. He is exclusively focused and committed to treating the causes of dysfunction and pain not just the symptoms.

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Whatever your sports, movement, injury or post-surgery needs, I can help